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Written by Tyler Okland

Data are strange.

You have a choice in the information you choose to consume and rely on. So when it comes to financial results for Opendoor, a technology company listed on the NYSE, it's undeniably strange you're reading this email. It's even stranger that I'm writing it.

There are no less than eight Wall Street analysts with proud parents and impressive pedigrees covering Opendoor. That's their job. Their opinion (objectively) should matter more than a surgical resident who's loud on Twitter. And yet here we are.

Too often we suffer under the delusion that more data are better than less data. In reality, data quality, accuracy and reliability are infinitely more valuable. One thoughtful data source can be a lighthouse -- harboring the cleanest signal in a sea of noise.

Opendoor is set to release Q1 earnings on May 5. Consensus estimates of the aforementioned analysts call for $4.2 B revenue, and $35 million of adjusted EBITDA.

They are going to be wrong. By a lot. That's not me telling the future, it's reading the data.

I once said I began writing about Opendoor 'almost antagonistically,' because I saw something it felt like no one else did. Datadoor was founded with that same truth-obsessed, rebellious, dogged energy. And there's a long runway of growth and building ahead.

We might not be Wall Street analysts, but that should probably count for something.

Welcome to Datadoor -- data so accurate, you'd think we stole it from the future.

Tyler and Sebastian
Co-Founders, Datadoor.io

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