Announcing Datadoor Atoms: Data Analytics for Retail Investors

Written by Tyler Okland

Six months ago we set out to build an engine that could track the performance of a fascinating and yet deeply misunderstood technology company -- Opendoor.

Opendoor is doing the hard things, not just building software, not just moving bits around the internet, but marrying complex technology with real world assets.

Atoms and bits.

We think this is a defining Opendoor characteristic; a strategic advantage. And yet it's been discounted at every turn.

And so we couldn't be more excited to announce a new Datadoor product today.

We call it Datadoor Atoms, and believe it will quickly be recognized as the most powerful analytics tool for retail investors, period. Atoms is institutional-grade analytics in the palm of your hand, on demand.

Through Atoms, investors are empowered with granular performance insights well before earnings calls. Atoms is also the front door to the entire Opendoor investment community, alongside deep research and exclusive content.

Here's an overview of the tools you'll find in your Atoms dashboard.

Key Performance Metrics

At the top of the Atoms dashboard we keep the core metrics, such as sales count, gross margin estimate, mean holding time, and mean purchase price. These metrics continue to gain accuracy throughout the quarter.

Sales Map

Interactive map to quickly identify total sales, margin and sale price on a state by state basis.

Gross Margin Curve

Trailing 12-month gross margin curve with fresh datapoints each week.

Sales Volume Curve

Trailing 12-month sales volume with fresh datapoints each week.

Median Holding Time Curve

Trailing 12-month buy-to-sale estimate for sold inventory.

Metro Table

This massive, sortable pivot table includes all metro areas in which Opendoor made sales in the current quarter, including metro-specific sales count, median holding time, estimated gross margin, mean sales price, and estimated metro revenue.

Aside from the dashboard, Atoms subscribers will have access to quarterly estimates on the last day of each quarter (for example, June 30th, 2022 for Q2), as well as a finalized estimate one month before earnings. Atoms users will also have access to all articles alongside unique community features in development.

With Atoms, we intend to simplify and clarify the Opendoor investment thesis. It won't happen overnight, but step by step. We can't wait to partner with you on this journey.

Signup for the Atoms dashboard here.

Always day one,

Tyler & Sebastian
Datadoor Team

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