Opendoor Q4 2022 Finalized Estimates and Q1 2023 Sneak Peek

Written by Tyler Okland

Opendoor's Q4 earnings call and full year results and Q4 earnings call is less than two weeks away.

Next Thursday, February 23, Opendoor's CEO Carrie Wheeler and President Eric Wu will discuss their plan to return the iBuyer model to normalized unit economics. We expect commentary and detail on the following:

1.) The Zillow - Opendoor Integration
2.) The pace of 3P marketplace scaling
3.) Acquisition cadence going forward
4.) Buy with Opendoor traction (shortly launching in 8 new markets)
5.) TaxProper Acquisition and any details surrounding Opendoor's enterprise product

Below you will find our estimates for Opendoor's Q4 results, FY 2022 results, as well as our historical accuracy over our first year of modeling Opendoor's performance professionally. 

In addition, we've added a sneak peak of Opendoor's Q1 2023 results (directionality) so you have some data when the ER guidance invariably leaves you with more questions than answers. It's important to note that Datadoor's estimates have been more accurate than guidance (at the time guidance is given) each and every quarter of 2022. We intend to maintain that trend in 2023. 

Without further ado, Opendor's Q4, Full Year 2022, and early 2023 results:

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