Datadoor Atoms Q3: Our Biggest Upgrade Yet

Written by Tyler Okland

Opendoor's Q3 data are now live for Atoms subscribers.

Since launching Atoms in June we have furiously built new functionality. Some highlights:

  • Opendoor Exclusives Dashboard: Tracking the progress of Opendoor’s most important non-core initiative.
  • Market Details View: Click on any of Opendoor's markets to observe granular performance.
  • Quarterly Navigator: (Launching today!) Seamlesly jump between quarters to compare the prior quarter's performance against the current.
  • Community: Connect with us, investors, ex-Opendoor employees and other proptech nerds on Discord and Reddit
  • Datadoor YouTube & Podcast: Two new channels to keep up with proptech news and analysis in video/audio form. Check out our Q2 earnings recap of the blockbuster Opendoor + Zillow partnership here. 

Given the turbulence in residential real estate, we know real-time data is as important as ever. We've heard your feedback and worked hard to add not-yet recorded listings sales data earlier into the Atoms dashboard. This has allowed us to shorten the delay for sales data to 3 weeks!

So when you log into your Atoms dashboard today, that's an extra week into the future you'll be able to see. 

And we are just getting started. Atoms is getting a major glow-up in August. This month we will launch a new listings dashboard upgrade for Atoms to monitor Opendoor's active listings in real time.

We are not standing still, and will continue to obsess over making Atoms the most valuable retail investor product there is.

Signup for Datadoor Atoms here.

Still Day One,
Tyler & Sebastian



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